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News Release: Alberta Enterprise Group welcomes changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program

April 25th, 2012 Edmonton, AB: Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) is applauding changes announced today by the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, during a tour of Nisku-based Westech Vac Systems. Minister Finley announced changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program that will enable qualified employers to more quickly and efficiently access the workers… Read more »

AEG Summit seeks to expand ties between Alberta, Quebec

April 17, 2012 Edmonton Journal By: Gary Lamphier It’s easy to see why many Albertans get indigestion when talk turns to Quebec. After pouring billions of equalization dollars into Quebec’s coffers every year, what do Alberta’s taxpayers get in return? Lectures from Quebecers like Thomas Mulcair, the newly minted federal NDP leader, on how the… Read more »

AEG: Budget 2012 makes the right moves at right time

March 30, 2012 EDMONTON: The Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) says the federal budget, released by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on March 29th in Ottawa, sets the right course for the Canadian government by introducing spending restraint and positioning Canada’s economy for substantial growth. Minister Flaherty announced $5.2 billion in spending reductions and a commitment to reform immigration… Read more »

Media roundup: Chiquita Bananas’ oil sands boycott

January 3, 2012 On December 15, 2011 Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) received word that Chiquita Bananas was joining a Forest Ethics campaign to boycott use of fuel derived from the Canadian oil sands. In response, AEG called for Canadian consumers to avoid Chiquita Bananas, resulting in a flurry of media debate across the country. AEG originally… Read more »

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Chiquita Bananas reverses anti-oil sands stance

December 22, 2011 Edmonton: In a letter to Alberta Enterprise Group President Tim Shipton (click here to read the letter), Ohio-based Chiquita Bananas has reversed its position to avoid fuel derived from the Canadian oil sands. The change comes after the multinational corporation was hit with a wave of negative publicity and a consumer boycott initiated… Read more »