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Business group calls for an Avon-free Canadian Christmas

December 1, 2010 EDMONTON: Alberta Enterprise Group is urging all Albertans and Canadians to boycott Fortune 500 cosmetics giant Avon this Christmas in light of their recent announcement that they plan to boycott fuel derived from Canada’s oil sands. Canadian companies Concord Transportation and Lush Cosmetics also announced their participation in the boycott organized by… Read more »

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Alberta group makes case for oil sands

A delegation of business leaders is attempting to dispel falsehoods and make the case for the oil sands to politicians in Ottawa A group of high-powered Alberta business leaders is in Ottawa this week on what they are calling a “a trade mission to the capital of our own country.” Their goal: promote the oil… Read more »

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Alberta business group applauds Gap, Levi clarification

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) is thanking The Gap clothing retailer (which includes Banana Republic and Old Navy) and Levi Strauss for clarifying that it is not taking part in a boycott against fuel derived from Canadian Oil Sands. The Gap and Levi Strauss will be removed from a Facebook page (Boycott the… Read more »

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Alberta Enterprise Group applauds competitiveness review.

EDMONTON: The Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) is welcoming changes proposed in the Alberta Government’s competiveness review and is urging the province to expand the process to other areas of the economy. AEG, whose members employ more than 30,000 Canadians and generate billions in economic activity each year, says all Albertans benefit from increased oil and gas drilling… Read more »

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Business leaders take positive message to Ottawa

The Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) is leading a delegation of dozens of business leaders to the nation’s capital to build relationships and foster understanding between Alberta and the rest of Canada. Leader of the Official Opposition Michael Ignatieff, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and many other Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament will engage in dialogue… Read more »

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Canadians Urged to boycott GAP, Levi-Strauss and Timberland

August 27, 2010 EDMONTON – Alberta Enterprise Group is urging all Albertans and Canadians to boycott all Gap, Levi-Strauss and Timberland products in response to these retailers unfair and misguided position on Canada’s oil sands. “The greenest Gap store is no Gap store,” said Tim Shipton, President of Alberta Enterprise Group. “Clearly closing Gap and affiliated… Read more »