AEG Podcast, Episode 7: Exploring the Move from Quebec to Alberta and the Vision for Canada’s Energy

In this podcast, the host interviews special guest Michel Kelly Gagnon, who is moving from Quebec to Alberta due to his love for the province and its people, as well as a career opportunity with his organization, M.E.I. The conversation touches on topics such as the purpose of M.E.I., their work in energy policies in Canada, and the Quebec-Alberta dialogue. Gagnon shares his vision for Alberta, seeing it as a beacon of Canada in the next 15-20 years. The interview ends with gratitude and thanks from both the host and Gagnon. Psychological techniques used in the podcast include evoking emotions such as love, gratitude, and a shared vision for a better Canada.

AEG Podcast, Episode 6: Energy Literacy and the Challenges of the 21st Century

In this AEG Podcast between Catherine and Brad Hayes about energy and energy transition. Brad explains that most Canadians are not energy literate as energy has always been available to them, and people only become more informed when there is a shortage of energy. However, due to recent energy shortages in European countries, people are becoming more aware of the complexities of energy. Brad emphasizes that providing adequate energy should be the top priority as nothing can be achieved without adequate and affordable energy. Government policies should ensure adequate energy supply at the top of the list, with environmental protection coming in second. Brad believes that the term energy transition is a loaded term, and the sensible approach is to transform our energy delivery system from a certain mix to a different mix in the future. Brad also suggests various sources to obtain factual information on energy, and Catherine adds that we should always question what we are being told.

AEG Podcast, Episode 5: Empowering Alberta’s Youth: The Ten Peaks Innovation Alliance’s Story

The AEG podcast features an interview with Dagmar Knutson, the founder of 10 Peaks Innovation Alliances. Dagmar’s non-profit organization aims to educate Alberta’s youth on technology, innovation, inclusivity, energy, environment, and career opportunities. The organization’s inspiration came from her son’s lack of knowledge about the energy industry in Alberta. Dagmar describes the organization’s events, such as an annual student conference, case competitions, micro-grants, entrepreneurship camps, and innovation webinars. 10 Peaks is currently partnering with the University of Calgary’s Hunter Center for entrepreneurship, and it is seeking additional partnerships for financial stability. The organization strives to provide balanced conversations about sustainability and energy transition to inspire and engage students in the fast-changing world of technology and innovation.

The AEG podcast, Episode 4: Scaling Up Innovation in Alberta: Navigating Barriers and Sharing Lessons with the World

This podcast discusses the work of ERA, an organization in Alberta that invests in technology and innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the economy. Justin mentions the benefits of their investments and highlights some of their funded projects, such as the hydrogen train and hydrogen semi-trucks. He also mentions the challenges of scaling up technology, including the lack of risk-taking capital and the importance of having a good business model and company management acumen. Justin emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences, both successes and failures, and mentions the efforts in environmental sustainability being made in Alberta. He also mentions the difficulty of finding help for innovators but encourages them to persevere and seek help from various sources.

The AEG podcast, Episode 3: Future Forward: Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Work with Eric Termuende

Join us on the AEG podcast as our President, Catherine Brownlee, sits down with best-selling author and internationally recognized thought leader Eric Termuende. In this dynamic interview series, Eric shares his extensive research and insights on the future of work, leadership, workplace culture, and talent management. From understanding what sets amazing leaders apart to building resilient, innovative teams, Eric provides valuable strategies and practices that have already been adopted by industry-leading companies such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Toyota.

The AEG podcast, Episode 2: “Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness for Abused Women and Children

The AEG podcast, Episode 2: “Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness for Abused Women and Children Join host Catherine as she sits down with Encore Trucking’s Don Lucas, who shares the company’s unique project to support women and children in need of safe shelter. Learn about the problem of homelessness among victims of domestic abuse, and […]

VIDEO | Counting Carbon Molecules: Mandatory Sustainability reporting is coming to your financial accounting disclosures

VIDEO Counting Carbon Molecules : Mandatory Sustainability reporting is coming to your financial accounting disclosures

AEG CALGARY EVENT: AEG MEMBER MEETING – DISCUSSION ON OIL AND GAS/ENERGY – DECEMBER 5TH, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. AT LOCATION TBA This event is only available to current members of Alberta Enterprise Group. Resources: Talking Points About Dr. Tammy Nemeth Dr. Tammy Nemeth is a strategic energy analyst based in the UK. […]