Policy into action

The Alberta Enterprise Group applies the collective experience of members to public policy challenges. Through extensive member consultation and the help of policy experts, AEG provides public policy advice that promotes and enhances quality of life for all Albertans by improving businesses’ bottom line.


Prosperity in Alberta is our policy

Fusing business acumen with a pragmatic approach to public issues, AEG seeks to influence and aid in the development of public policy that will bring about greater economic advantages, prosperity and rewards for this generation of Albertans and the next.

AEG members have experience and expertise ranging from running complex global enterprises to leading local grass-roots community organizations. This provides our organization a 360-degree perspective on issues that impact the people and organizations in our province.

AEG focuses on the “big picture” issues that have the largest impact on the province’s social and economic bottom line. Through the use of proactive media relations, strategic events, campaigns and original research, AEG has effectively engaged in the following areas:

Market access for Alberta goods and services

In order for the province to achieve its potential, Alberta needs access to growing markets around the world for all its goods and services – including oil and gas. AEG strives to overcome physical and political barriers to free trade at home and around the world.

Interprovincial trade and cooperation, telling the Alberta story:

Canada benefits from increased understanding and cooperation between regions. Through events, research, and collaboration with like-minded groups across Canada and beyond, AEG builds networks and support for free trade, stronger economic ties, and entrepreneurship.


Alberta businesses operate in a global marketplace and our competitive position is tied to public sector performance. Maintaining both a strong public balance sheet and stable and competitive tax regime is integral to long term economic growth. Through media commentaries and original research, AEG shines a light on public finances and encourages all governments to live within their means and maintain balanced and competitive tax regimes.