Direct access to experience and knowledge

AEG’s core strength is its members. Membership in the AEG community provides extraordinary opportunity to tap into the combined experience of senior executives and entrepreneurs who are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with others. In addition to business connections, you can expect to learn from those who have grown successful companies in a wide range of fields.

Learn to empower your business

Get the insight and experience you need to build a more powerful business and lead it. Learn from individuals who have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that businesses face in the rapidly expanding and ever-changing economic climate of our province.

With access to world class thinkers in business, academia, and policy, AEG is developing exclusive programming that will connect members to cutting edge educational opportunities. AEG Solutions will immerse CEOs and entrepreneurs in learning opportunities and best practices in the areas of leadership and organizational design. AEG Solutions modules are developed with the input and guidance of members, tailored to their needs and strengthened with their expertise.