Members Spotlight: Mike Martens

Members Spotlights: Mike Martens was announced as the first President of ICBA Alberta in March of this year. He is a dynamic, respected advocate, and is focused on growing the construction, building, and resource development industries in Alberta. Prior to joining ICBA, Mike was Director of Public Affairs (Western Canada) for the Progressive Contractors Association […]

Member Spotlight: Mark Norris

Mark has owned and operated many businesses in the Edmonton area throughout his career, mainly in construction and advertising. In the early 2000s Mark was the Minister of Economic Development & Tourism during the 2001 Ralph Klien government. Currently Mark owns and operates Total Modular, a modular manufacturing company located in South-East Edmonton.

Member Spotlight: Cody Cuthill

About Cody Cuthill As President, CEO and founder of NormTek Radiation Services Ltd., Cody is a leading expert in the management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). His extensive experience with radioactive materials dates back to the handling, decontamination and disposal of equipment and waste from Alberta‘s first oil well identified to contain NORM. Working […]

Member Spotlight: Shondell Sabad

About Shondell Sabad Shondell Sabad is a dynamic and visionary leader with a proven track record in the fields of finance, energy, trading, and business development. Currently, as the President and CEO of Rainforest Energy, a forward-thinking clean energy company based in Calgary, Shondell is driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. At Rainforest […]

Member Spotlight: Reeve Bob Marshall About Reeve Bob Marshall Elected as Reeve of the County of Grande Prairie in 2022, Bob Marshall was educated as anElectronic Engineering Technologist specializing in Biomedical Electronics. The bulk of his career was spent at the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill in various roles spanning more than 23 years before being elected to County Council in […]

Member Spotlight: Terris Chorney This fireside chat offers a comprehensive look at leadership, business strategy, and technological advancements. A panel of seasoned experts dives into topics ranging from succession planning and leadership qualities to the challenges posed by alternative fuels and autonomous vehicles. The discussion, enriched by motivational and philosophical insights, provides a multifaceted understanding of the industry’s […]

Member Spotlight: Simon Raven

About Simon Raven I am an entrepreneur, innovator, and creative thinker with a passion for solving complex problems in the global energy industry. With a strong track record of success, I have a proven ability to start businesses, lead high-performance teams, and execute creative business strategies that create value for customers and stakeholders. Energy Enthusiast […]

Member Spotlight: Kris Liivam

Kris Liivam, President of Arctic Fire Safety Services Here is a brief bio: Kris Liivam, President of Arctic Fire Safety Services, has been involved in safety consulting since 2000. During this time he has worked for such organizations as Cancarb, TransCanada Pipelines, Honeywell, and KEYera. As well, Mr. Liivam taught part time at the Medicine […]

Member Spotlight: Shondell Sabad and Chad Rolles with Prairie Vertical Farms

Shondell Sabad – CFACo-Founder – Prairie Vertical Farms Shondell Sabad is a visionary leader, accomplished financial expert, CFA charter holder, and co-founder of Prairie Vertical Farms – a commercial-scale indoor vertical farming company a pioneering force in the agricultural industry. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and financial excellence, Shondell, along with his co-founder Chad […]

Pure Life Carbon | filmed by Jordon Gooden (Video)

Pure Life Carbon, based in Alberta, Canada, is a pioneering company in the field of advanced carbon technology. With a structure comprising of upstream, downstream, and Environmental Impact & Carbon Offset (EICO) divisions, the company’s entire value chain incorporates repeatable carbon capture opportunities, making it a strong player in the clean-tech industry​1​.