AEG Holiday Party: Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta & Red Tape Reduction and Catherine Swift, President of The Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers & Businesses of Canada

AEG Holiday Party – Edmonton – Chateau Lacombe Hotel

Thursday, December 7th – AEG Holiday Party – Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta & Red Tape Reduction presents: “Updates on Red Tape Reduction” and Catherine Swift presents: “Why Eastern Canada Needs to Smarten Up and Support the West”

Members Spotlight: Mike Martens

Members Spotlights: Mike Martens was announced as the first President of ICBA Alberta in March of this year. He is a dynamic, respected advocate, and is focused on growing the construction, building, and resource development industries in Alberta. Prior to joining ICBA, Mike was Director of Public Affairs (Western Canada) for the Progressive Contractors Association […]

Member Spotlight: Mark Norris

Mark has owned and operated many businesses in the Edmonton area throughout his career, mainly in construction and advertising. In the early 2000s Mark was the Minister of Economic Development & Tourism during the 2001 Ralph Klien government. Currently Mark owns and operates Total Modular, a modular manufacturing company located in South-East Edmonton.

Improving Edmonton’s Recreation Opportunities

Summer has passed, the leaves have changed and winter is just around the corner. Canadians always greet this news with trepidation, and understandably so.
Acceptance, however, follows the initial shock to the system and requisite acclimatization and we marvel at the season’s unique beauty and partake in its many recreational activities.

Podcasters beware! You may have “unacceptable views.”

After the darkness of 2020, it was tempting to just throw up your hands and focus on getting through the next day with a look forward to some unexpected new tax, or a new social bylaw. In other words, go to work, head down, and do not even consider making any fun comments around the water cooler. Who knows where that will end up? Avoid compliments to a co-worker that
may be misunderstood. The list goes on. In other words, have an opinion on nothing. Some people may view it as an
‘unacceptable opinion.’ Think convoys, parents and schools.

Member Spotlight: Cody Cuthill

About Cody Cuthill As President, CEO and founder of NormTek Radiation Services Ltd., Cody is a leading expert in the management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). His extensive experience with radioactive materials dates back to the handling, decontamination and disposal of equipment and waste from Alberta‘s first oil well identified to contain NORM. Working […]

Member Spotlight: Shondell Sabad

About Shondell Sabad Shondell Sabad is a dynamic and visionary leader with a proven track record in the fields of finance, energy, trading, and business development. Currently, as the President and CEO of Rainforest Energy, a forward-thinking clean energy company based in Calgary, Shondell is driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. At Rainforest […]

Member Spotlight: Reeve Bob Marshall About Reeve Bob Marshall Elected as Reeve of the County of Grande Prairie in 2022, Bob Marshall was educated as anElectronic Engineering Technologist specializing in Biomedical Electronics. The bulk of his career was spent at the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill in various roles spanning more than 23 years before being elected to County Council in […]