The Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) Response – Plastics Registry Consultation

Plastic Bottles

The Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) appreciates the opportunity to offer comments and feedback on the Federal Plastics Registry consultation. Our members believe this is an unnecessary initiative that will not only introduce another layer of stifling regulation and red tape but will also have negative impacts on the environment and human health.

The Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) strongly opposes Bill C-372, the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act

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AEG strongly opposes Bill C-372, the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act, tabled in Parliament by NDP Member of Parliament from Timmins-James Bay, Mr. Charlie Angus. The Bill proposes to prohibit the advertisement of Canadian oil, gas, and coal. Advertising in the Bill is loosely and broadly defined to include any demonstration of the positive aspects of using oil and gas even if it is verifiable fact, such as the positive economic contribution to Canada’s economy and benefits towards Indigenous reconciliation. Penalties for violation of the Bill include fines upwards of $1.5 million or jail time.

Comments and feedback on the Regulatory Framework for and Oil and Gas Sector Greenhouse Gas Emission Cap

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The Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) appreciates the opportunity to offer comments and feedback on the Regulatory Framework for and Oil and Gas Sector Greenhouse Gas Emission Cap. Our members believe
this framework is not fair, equitable, nor is it in the national interest; it should not be implemented.

Op/Ed: Supreme Court Gets It Right

Embracing innovation, making timely decisions, and fostering investor confidence are the  hallmarks of successful national economies around the world.   The Supreme Court’s decision to scrap Bill C-69, the Impact Assessment Act (IAA), is a significant  positive step in creating a better investment climate for major projects and the family-supporting  jobs and prosperity that come with […]

AEG’s Press Release Featured on EnergyNow: Expressing Concerns Over Proposed Tax Increase Impacting Alberta’s Global Competitiveness

(Source) – Energy Now We are delighted to announce that the Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) was recently mentioned on EnergyNow, a leading online energy news and data media service in Canada. EnergyNow shared a press release from AEG, in which we expressed our concerns about a proposed increase in Alberta’s corporate tax and its potential […]

Alberta Enterprise Group says lower taxes are better for business, worried about NDP tax hike

(Source) – Western Standard A lobbyist group in Alberta claims a proposed NDP business tax hike will have a “detrimental effect” on Alberta’s global competitiveness. Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) said it exists to make Alberta a better place to live and do business, it therefore is expressing its “sincere concern” about a NDP proposed increase to […]

What Companies are Getting Wrong About Doing Good (Webinar)

This is a webinar hosted by Jeff Davidson, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Center in Calgary, on the topic of corporate social activism. The discussion focuses on the importance of businesses engaging in social change to meet the expectations of their audiences, including employees, customers, shareholders, and investors. Joni Abram, an expert in social change, marketing, and behavioral science, joins Jeff to discuss the risks and potential impact of corporate social activism, and how businesses can approach it authentically to build goodwill and establish themselves as valuable members of the community. They also discuss the importance of tangible outcomes and impact, and give examples of good and bad corporate social activism. The webinar emphasizes that smaller companies can have a real impact on their communities and offers practical advice on how to achieve meaningful social change.

Seeing the Future, Changing the Future (Article)

Business In Edmonton features Herve Faucher, the president and founder of GMS Aggregates Inc, and his success story in the gravel business. After waiting for over a decade, Faucher finally seized the opportunity to own a highly viable gravel pit. Today, GMS Aggregates operates three such pits, providing various products and services.The article also discusses […]

Federal Impact Assessment Act hobbling capital investment and resource development

Catherine Brownlee is President of the Alberta Enterprise Group. Mike Martens is President of the Independent Contractors and Business Association (ICBA) Alberta. Canada’s economy and its future prosperity are in jeopardy, no thanks to the federal Impact Assessment Act or Bill C-69. Even with a global energy crisis and the world pleading for Canada’s responsibly and sustainably produced natural […]