Improving Edmonton’s Recreation Opportunities

Summer has passed, the leaves have changed and winter is just around the corner. Canadians always greet this news with trepidation, and understandably so.
Acceptance, however, follows the initial shock to the system and requisite acclimatization and we marvel at the season’s unique beauty and partake in its many recreational activities.

Podcasters beware! You may have “unacceptable views.”

After the darkness of 2020, it was tempting to just throw up your hands and focus on getting through the next day with a look forward to some unexpected new tax, or a new social bylaw. In other words, go to work, head down, and do not even consider making any fun comments around the water cooler. Who knows where that will end up? Avoid compliments to a co-worker that
may be misunderstood. The list goes on. In other words, have an opinion on nothing. Some people may view it as an
‘unacceptable opinion.’ Think convoys, parents and schools.

From Home to Homelessness

With house prices rising and homeownership becoming increasingly impossible for many Canadians, it’s a very convenient time for the Prime Minister to suddenly announce that “it’s not his job.” The rising cost of housing in Canada has reached a crisis point. If you ask the general public who’s to blame, you get a variety of answers. In a recent survey, 40 per cent readily pointed to the federal government, 32 per cent point to the provincial government and 6 per cent blamed municipal governments. The newly minted ministers at the Liberal Cabinet Summit declared housing a top priority but offered no solutions.

It’s Time to Maximize Edmonton’s Hosting Potential

After an incredibly successful summer festival season, it’s clear that Alberta is on the map as a go-to destination for entertainment experiences. Edmonton hosted the Junos earlier this year, bringing in more than $12 million in economic impact. Calgary hosted another incredibly successful Stampede in July, seeing a record turnaround, only topped by the 100th anniversary Stampede in 2012. K-Days was attended by 557,000 this year. However, it isn’t just festivals and entertainment events bringing people to our province.

Uncommon Senselessness & More of the Same!

Throughout human history, people at various times have said technology has been both a blessing and a curse. It has definitely made life easier; it has obsoleted old systems and led to a higher standard of living for many. But, needless to say, it has also been disruptive at times with more to follow. It also gave people in power new ways for gaining, maintaining and expanding that power.

How Can Public Education Better Fuel the Future of Alberta?

In March 2023, the Department of Education unveiled the Career Education in Alberta report, a culmination of extensive consultations involving K-12 educators, post-secondary institutions, students in grades 7-12, and prominent industry leaders. Within this collaborative effort, a unanimous consensus emerged – the imperative for transformative change in education. It became evident that “all students need to be made aware of a breadth of career opportunities and pathways that are available to them,” extending beyond the more visibly prominent career choices.