Networking with AEG


Alberta’s most powerful business network

Our members run great companies, employ more than 150,000 people and generate billions in economic activity each year. Building new relationships and partnerships is built into the philosophy of our organization and our membership. AEG networking is focused on high-level, peer-to-peer interaction. Simply put, we’re focused on attracting members of the highest quality.

Member-only portions of our events allow member companies to present directly to the Premier and other Government Ministers and advocate directly on behalf of their companies or industries.

Grow your base and your business

Connect with business leaders who make significant contributions to Alberta’s economy. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and engage in meaningful issues that benefit Albertans and bring Alberta companies together. Become a part of an organization that advocates for smarter public policy and initiatives that impact your business, your markets, and your community. 

AEG’s membership is a who’s who of Alberta business. Click here for our member page.