AEG Holiday Party: Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta & Red Tape Reduction and Catherine Swift, President of The Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers & Businesses of Canada

AEG Holiday Party – Edmonton – Chateau Lacombe Hotel

Thursday, December 7th – AEG Holiday Party – Dale Nally, Minister of Service Alberta & Red Tape Reduction presents: “Updates on Red Tape Reduction” and Catherine Swift presents: “Why Eastern Canada Needs to Smarten Up and Support the West”

AEG Calgary Event: Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Minerals & Moderator Jennele Giong with Alberta Counsel

Minister Brian Jean – Energy and Minerals Brian Jean was sworn in as the Minister of Energy and Minerals on June 9, 2023. He previously served as the Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Northern Development. Prior to his service as an elected official at the provincial level, Mr. Jean was a Member of Parliament from […]

AEG Edmonton Member Appreciation Event – Bruno Müller and Terris Chorney

About The Event This fireside chat offers a comprehensive look at leadership, business strategy, and technological advancements. A panel of seasoned experts dives into topics ranging from succession planning and leadership qualities to the challenges posed by alternative fuels and autonomous vehicles. The discussion, enriched by motivational and philosophical insights, provides a multifaceted understanding of […]

Premier Smith – Edmonton – Château Lacombe Hotel About The Event Premier Daniel Smith addresses multiple subjects affecting Alberta, including the introduction of new technologies like nuclear energy and the challenges it faces. He discusses the importance of inter-provincial agreements for economic growth, specifically mentioning an economic corridor agreement with Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Smith also stresses the necessity of community feedback for […]

AEG Calgary Event: Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Environment & Protected Areas, presents: Ensuring a Strong, Vibrant Energy Industry, a Diverse Economy and the Innovation and Technology that’s Helping Us Reduce Emissions

About Minister Rebecca Schulz Rebecca Schulz was first elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary-Shaw on April 16, 2019 and was re-elected on May 29, 2023. She was sworn in as Minister of Environment and Protected Areas on June 9, 2023, previously serving as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Children’s […]

AEG Calgary Event: Craig Senyk

Craig Senyk, keynote speaker, discussed the importance of culture in an investment firm at an event. He recounted a story of a Canadian-based firm that had a problem due to the gap between the junior and senior partners. This led to the founding partners claiming a larger share of the ownership for taking the early risk, while the younger partners felt they were bringing in most of the new business and should be rewarded accordingly. The battle for ownership had been going on for two years, with no progress.

AEG Edmonton Event: Mark Plamondon

Mark Plamondon’s Bio Mark Plamondon is Executive Director of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association. Mark has over 22 years of experience in management, operations, business development, and financial analysis of mineral and refining operations. He has extensive international experience and works to enhance Heartland’s brand across the globe with investors, governments, and stakeholders. Prior to taking […]

AEG Edmonton Event: Cory Janssen

Cory Janssen gave a keynote speech that aimed to clarify the hype and reality of AI for businesses. He explained that AI is an umbrella term for a variety of subcategories, such as machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. He emphasized that AI cannot think and is simply making predictions on a specific area. Janssen provided examples of real-life ML use cases that his company has done in Alberta, including using computer vision to predict corrosion on insulation in a plant, developing an algorithm for touchless claims in insurance, and using natural language processing to optimize procurement processes for a large energy company. Janssen also talked about his company’s venture studio, which includes a new legal research company called Jurisage that uses machine learning to categorize every case in Canada to optimize the legal research process. Finally, Janssen addressed the issue of data quality control, explaining that while some data in legal cases is reliable, it’s important to ensure the underlying data for other clients is reliable before using it for ML.

AEG Calgary Event: Dale Swampy

Dale Swampy discusses the challenges that communities face in addressing poverty, including the need for employment opportunities and community involvement. He shares a personal story about his sister, who moved back to the reserve and started a program to provide food and other necessities to community members in need. The post highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to addressing poverty, including employment opportunities, education, and community involvement, rather than relying solely on government programs. Dale also emphasizes the need for self-reflection and taking responsibility for addressing the issue, rather than blaming external factors.