AEG Calgary Event: Brian Jean, Minister of Energy and Minerals & Moderator Jennele Giong with Alberta Counsel

Minister Brian Jean – Energy and Minerals Brian Jean was sworn in as the Minister of Energy and Minerals on June 9, 2023. He previously served as the Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Northern Development. Prior to his service as an elected official at the provincial level, Mr. Jean was a Member of Parliament from […]

From Home to Homelessness

With house prices rising and homeownership becoming increasingly impossible for many Canadians, it’s a very convenient time for the Prime Minister to suddenly announce that “it’s not his job.” The rising cost of housing in Canada has reached a crisis point. If you ask the general public who’s to blame, you get a variety of answers. In a recent survey, 40 per cent readily pointed to the federal government, 32 per cent point to the provincial government and 6 per cent blamed municipal governments. The newly minted ministers at the Liberal Cabinet Summit declared housing a top priority but offered no solutions.

AEG Calgary event: Hydrogen and Nuclear – Answers for Alberta?

About Event: Some believe that hydrogen and nuclear power could be the answer. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and can be used to create energy without producing greenhouse gases. Nuclear power is also a carbon-free energy source, but it has been met with opposition due to safety concerns. Our keynote speakers […]