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Health, Dental, Retirement and More

The Alberta Enterprise Group works every day to  make Alberta a better place to live and do business,  and to create long-term prosperity for every Albertan.  

We do that through strong policy advocacy and  communication, and by creating conditions,  innovation and products to help our member  businesses succeed. 

Our AEG Benefit Plan boosts your company’s bottom  line, while improving your workers’ group benefits. By  partnering with ICBA Benefits and their decades of  experience and large buying power, AEG offers your  company benefit plans customized to your unique  needs. Health, dental, retirement, wellness, employee  assistance programs, spending accounts: we do it all. 

It all starts with getting a free second opinion on  your current benefits to ensure your plan is being  delivered in the most cost-effective way and suggests  how they can be improved.  

Joining our benefit plan helps AEG’s work as your  advocate for investment and policies that create  economic growth, strong communities and a  sustainable environment.

Health, Dental, Retirement and More

  • Administers employee benefit plans for more than 150,000 people
  • One of the largest independent providers of employee benefits in Canada
  • Clients range from owner-operators to multi-thousand employee groups
  • 4,000+ member companies and clients

Workplace Wellness Program

AEG and ICBA’s Workplace Wellness Program can  help you create lasting workplace culture change,  with benefits for both employers and employees.  Mental health, physical fitness, and inclusive and  respectful workplaces help employees bring their  best selves to work every day. 


Benefits Products

AEG and ICBA offer great value and top-notch service:
  • Dental – Stable, comprehensive plans available
  • Retirement – Tax-effective with low management fees
  • Wellness – Assistance programs, spending accounts and more
  • Health Spending Accounts – Give your employees flexibility
  • Enhancements – Critical illness, disability and much more

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Grow Your Business

  • Protection from High Claims
  • Fully Customizable Plans
  • Third-Party Administration
  • Negotiating Power and Expert Advice
  • Retirement Plans for Employees and Owners

Need a group benefit or retirement plan? AEG and ICBA Benefits have cost-effective options.

Already have a benefit plan?

We review the performance of your current plan to find better coverage and cost savings.