Member Spotlight: Vern Peterson

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Vern Peterson - Canada's Medical Clinic

About Vern:

Vern Peterson is an accomplished professional with 30 years of diverse expertise in marketing, scriptwriting, construction, and real estate. As the prospective VP of Recruitment and Acquisitions for Canada’s Medical Clinic, he aims to make significant contributions to the future growth and success of the organization.

With a background in marketing, Vern will skillfully strategize and execute successful campaigns, envisioning a prominent position for the company in the medical industry.

Beyond marketing, Vern’s background in construction and real estate promises to be invaluable in establishing and expanding new clinic locations.

His astute knowledge of the real estate market will lead to well-placed investments and the establishment of medical facilities in strategic locations across Canada.

Throughout his career, Vern Peterson’s exceptional leadership and diverse skill set have prepared him to play a pivotal role in the future growth and recognition of Canada’s Medical Clinic. His passion for innovation and dedication to the healthcare industry will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the company and its stakeholders once it is established.