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About Dr. Tammy Nemeth

Dr. Tammy Nemeth is a strategic energy analyst based in the UK. She has a PhD in history from the University of British Columbia. She co-founded the History Network (H-Net) discussion network H- Energy (history of energy), an organization hosted by Michigan State University (https://networks.

h- net. org/h-energy). Dr. Nemeth was the editor and book review editor for 13 years, commissioning and editing book reviews and round-table discussions.

She has also served as a peer reviewer for academic presses and journals. Dr. Nemeth was a guest lecturer at a university in Germany, where she taught on the geopolitics of energy and the environment, and has published articles and book chapters on Canadian and international energy issues. She has been honoured twice by the Petroleum History Society with an article of the year award and an achievement award for Excellence in the documentation and interpretation of Canadian and international energy history.

She is most recently the author of the contextual report and its supplement, A New Global Paradigm: Understanding the Transnational Progressive Movement, the Energy Transition, and the Great Transformation Strangling Albertas Petroleum Industry, for the Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns or the Allan Inquiry. Concerned about the lack of context in narratives surrounding climate change and the hydrocarbon industry, Dr. Nemeth began a podcast called The Nemeth Report to broaden the conversation about the importance of hydrocarbons to our civilization and way of life, and the assault upon them in the name of climate change.