AEG Podcast, Episode 8: Expanding Beyond Occupational Health and Safety: SIS Foundation’s Vision for Mental Health and Energy Literacy

In this podcast episode, AEG interviews Kim from Swift Learning and the SIS Foundation. Kim talks about how the Alberta government’s legislation prompted the establishment of the SIS Foundation in 2011 to provide occupational health and safety training to students. They discuss the Foundation’s current initiatives, such as expanding into mental health and well-being and energy literacy programs, and its partnerships with subject matter experts, government organizations, and industry. Kim also shares her vision of using the SAAS and Sahara technology to expand the Foundation’s e-learning programs and engage young ambassadors to promote workplace safety and education. The podcast offers insights into the Foundation’s future initiatives and its potential to become an online charter school or partner with other organizations to benefit the community at large.

About Kim Adolphe

Kim, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist is the founder and CEO of SWIFT Learning, the CAP Health for Life Clinic, CAP Corporation and Co-founder and Chairman of the SiS (Safety in Schools) Foundation of Canada. She owns two health related patents, the RAM4 Concussion Prevention technology and the SAHARA (Safety and Health Awareness Risk Assessment) technology. 

Her company, SWIFT Learning developed a SaaS eLearning Platform that includes an LMS, API Integration, and an authoring tool which automates translation in 100+ languages and responsive delivery on all devices. SWIFT also offers 70+ eLearning courses in occupational health and safety, mental health, and well-being and the SAHARA app technology. SAHARA is a workplace risk assessment, safety and mental health management and training technology that enables organizations to realize measurable improvements in safety performance and corporate wellness – the “S” in ESG.  

SWIFT provides their SaaS Platform, eLearning courses, SAHARA, and support to the SiS Foundation. From grassroots beginnings starting with one school and seven students in 2011, the SiS Foundation has grown to 450+ schools – with 150,000 + HSE related mastered certificates representing over $6,000,000.00 in-kind donation. Students receive credit for these industry-recognized courses which are aligned with provincial curriculums. The SiS Foundation has partnered with provincial and municipal governments and services, safety associations, and industry to develop custom courses as well as SAHARA apps for welding, service hospitality and tourism and, residential fire safety. SiS is committed to educating and empowering young people to stay safe at school, work, home, and at play.