Seeing the Future, Changing the Future (Article)

Business In Edmonton features Herve Faucher, the president and founder of GMS Aggregates Inc, and his success story in the gravel business. After waiting for over a decade, Faucher finally seized the opportunity to own a highly viable gravel pit. Today, GMS Aggregates operates three such pits, providing various products and services.The article also discusses the challenges faced by the company, including theft and the solutions implemented to overcome them. Faucher shares his advice and wisdom in the business world and his involvement in Goodfish Lake Business Corporation (GLBC) and Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG). He believes in networking and sharing with other companies and individuals to help grow businesses and learn from each other. Faucher’s future plans include expanding GMS Aggregates’ services to developing countries, increasing AEG’s membership, and overseeing the development of commercial and residential property in Westlock through Westgate Developments Ltd. The article concludes by highlighting Faucher’s passion for his work, integrity, and efficient time management.