DynaLIFE Steps up to the Plate to Meet Province’s Health Care Needs



Diagnostic testing plays a critical role in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions, making it one of the most effective tools in keeping Albertans safe and healthy. For more than 60 years, an Alberta-based company has been a leader in the biotechnology and life sciences industry. If you live in Edmonton, chances are you’ve walked through the doors of one of DynaLIFE’s patient care centres in and around the city. Every day, the company provides diagnostic lab services from Red Deer to Northern Alberta and beyond. DynaLIFE’s 1,300 employees pride themselves on bringing reliable, innovative services to thousands of physicians and perform more than 20 million tests every year.

The company’s success is rooted in its corporate culture. DynaLIFE’s guiding principle is advancing the well-being of fellow Albertans. In its eyes, Albertans aren’t simply patients, but neighbours, friends and family. As DynaLIFE’s employees live and work in the communities they serve, it’s personal for them; and that includes doing everything they could to support the province’s health care system during its greatest time of need. Like so many other Albertans, DynaLIFE did what it could to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Where the virus advanced, so too did its employees. At the height of the pandemic, the company was conducting one third of all COVID-19 tests in the province, providing life-saving support to Alberta Health Services (AHS) and comfort to Albertans during an uncertain and frightening time. The company will soon be embarking on the next stage of its journey. In 2020, AHS solicited a request for proposals for third parties to provide community lab services across the province. The motivation for doing so was simple; faced with a growing and ageing population, the province needs to spend public funds more efficiently and effectively.

Seeking out innovation and new partnerships in the delivery of lab services is one of the best ways to do so. After an open international competition, the home team won! So, beginning on December 5, DynaLIFE will begin providing community and non-urgent hospital lab services throughout the entire province, a move that will allow them to bring its world-class testing facilities and patient-centred focus to new communities in Alberta. Little will change in practical terms for patients. Instead of booking through Alberta Precision Laboratories, patients will do so through DynaLIFE’s user-friendly website.

Instead of walking into an Alberta Precision Laboratories facility, patients will go to a DynaLIFE patient care centre, which will often be the same location they’re used to visiting. As part of its agreement with the provincial government, DynaLIFE will be upgrading and expanding patient care centres in many Alberta cities, meaning even more convenient, efficient services. This opportunity ensures stability, reliability and excellence for the diagnostic industry, paving the way for greater innovation and new industry partnerships. DynaLIFE represents the very best of Alberta’s business culture – an innovative company guided by its desire to make a real difference in people’s lives. Through its training programs, medical research and the development of new and improved methodologies, DynaLIFE is determined to help build a better, healthier province for generations to come.