AEG podcast, Ep.13 – Jay Martin – Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Canadian Media

AEG podcast, Ep.13 – Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Canadian Media

In this AEG podcast episode, Jay Martin talks about how media has changed in our lifetime and how it has been advantageous for media creators due to the diminished barriers to entry. This has allowed independent journalists to have a shot at getting their voices heard and building a platform. However, it has also led to a lot of content to sift through, making it difficult to know who to pay attention to. Martin also discusses the shifts in the Canadian media landscape due to the record amount of cash distributed from 2019 to very specific media platforms that have skewed the narrative in a way that he finds himself needing to be cautious of. The subsidies have created a bit of an imbalance, and it requires an extra layer of caution for the Canadian media consumer to navigate the treacherous media landscape. Martin encourages media consumers to take ownership and accountability for who they allow to influence them to listen to the opinions that offend them and to challenge their assumptions to form better and stronger opinions. Finally, he talks about the access to platforms and independent journalists that have allowed many talented authors to participate, but we still have some legacy overhang to deal with.


Jay Martin, investor and CEO of Cambridge House, dissects the minds of thought-leaders from around the world with expertise in money management, geopolitics, macro-finance, commodities, technology, and any emerging trends his audience should be learning about. Jay’s mission is to cut through the noise and get to the signal, so he can find the most lucrative investment opportunities. His goal is to challenge the way we think and the way we invest, knowing well that this can improve our lives for the better.

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