Alberta Enterprise Group: An NHL Hub City Would Boost Alberta’s Economic Recovery Efforts

June 02 2020

The Alberta Enterprise Group fully supports the bid by the Oilers Entertainment Group, the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta to name Edmonton an NHL hub city.

“Businesses across Alberta would welcome the NHL with open arms,” said John Liston, President of Alberta Enterprise Group. “Covid-19 has left many of our entrepreneurs and job creators battling hard, and this opportunity would give us a much-needed shot in the arm and would be a huge boost to our economic recovery efforts. Optimism and hope are key elements of this recovery and in Canada, hockey provides that.”

Alberta, and Edmonton in particular is in the fortunate position to be reopening its economy sooner than most jurisdictions. Strong leadership from our governments and health agencies, along with the selfless actions of Albertans has created this opportunity.  By these efforts, Alberta has earned the right to show the world how to manage in this new normal. The number of COVID-19 cases in Edmonton and area remains low and our health care system has the capacity to respond to any need that may arise.

Our health care system has lots of capacity, and the government and CMOH have endorsed the bid plan with the OEG. In addition to its robust health care and testing capacity, Edmonton is home to world-class facilities in Rogers Place and the ICE District, which is ideal for hosting an event of this scale and scope.

“When professional sports shut down in mid-March, it was a clear indicator of the severity of the situation.” said Liston, “We want to be that same sign of the economic relaunch already happening, and nothing would do this better that the opening of professional sport in our city.”

“After all, this is Oil Country! Alberta is the heartland of hockey and we know everyone in Edmonton would rally together to make this a success. We have a fantastic and resilient business community who have supported the Alberta cities and their teams. As we always do, we will rise to the challenge to make this a success.” said Terry O’Flynn, Chairman Alberta Enterprise Group.

Contact: John Liston,
President Alberta Enterprise Group 780-934-3716  
Contact: Terry O’Flynn,
Chair Alberta Enterprise Group 780-915-9255