Member Spotlight: Cody Cuthill

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About Cody Cuthill

As President, CEO and founder of NormTek Radiation Services Ltd., Cody is a leading expert in the management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). His extensive experience with radioactive materials dates back to the handling, decontamination and disposal of equipment and waste from Alberta‘s first oil well identified to contain NORM. Working with industries and regulators, Cody has been involved in licensing of Canada’s first provincially licensed decontamination facility in 1997 and Canada’s first provincial NORM Landfill in 2006.

Cody has been a pioneer in developing radiation protection policies and procedures in the oil and gas industry. He has worked with industry and regulators and is presently a member of Health Canada’s NORM Working Group, charged with updating the Canadian NORM Guidelines and was the primary author of the Canadian NORM Transport Guidelines. His extensive experience has provided non CNSC regulated industries with NORM management services that include radiological assessments, facility surveys, workplace monitoring, NORM training program development, radiation protection plan (RPP)development, regulatory consultation, OH&S compliance audits, radon gas testing, low level radioactive dust (LLRD) monitoring, worker exposure assessments, waste characterization, equipment decontamination, laboratory analysis, NORM transport, manifesting and NORM waste disposal. Cody has developed proprietary decontamination equipment and processes and built Canada’s only mobile gamma spectroscopy Lab dedicated to oil and gas industry. Presently he is partnered in the removal of Ra 226 from oilfield wastes, for use in the medical industry, to make Actinium 225, a rare isotope, used to fight cancer.

Cody also has experience in the management of radioactive materials under the control of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission including decommissioning of the Earth Sciences, uranium extraction facility and remediation of the Deloro Mine Site.