Hands off our Money!


Divisions and attempts to influence in politics is not new to those of us who pay attention to what appears to be directing our destiny. Compromise using logic and truth appears to be impossible. It doesn’t help that the ‘news hounds’ primarily in theory are bought off with subsidy dollars. And, outside sources and opinions are blocked due to endless ‘C’ Policy bills via the NDP/Liberal Party marriage flying straight through to the Senate who only offer mumbles of objection. Freedom of speech and thought are quickly disappearing in this environment. 

Provincially, I can’t be the only one to notice who gets the last comment of any news article by the Premier locally or otherwise. Definitely not the Premier herself. Every policy, suggested or planned, reverts to the NDP with tailor-made responses. We all know that for busy readers the last line read is what they remember and consider clarification by the press of what is true. That appears to be the intent! People are just too busy with life, surviving endless and harmful policies by elected governments to become a watchdog. That is the job of a non-monitored press. Misinfor-mation is rapidly becoming our future and social media cannot be blamed. Something needs to change – soon! 

The Alberta proposed splitting from the CPP is a prime example. It is just that – a proposal along with facts so Albertans have a chance to decide without a lot of miss-cues from the ever-dissenting opposition. It is being considered as an Alberta alternative for the most vulnerable group of Albertans – the pensioners whom we will all be someday. And why not, it is our money? Unfortunately, and as usual, the NDP purport to have all the answers. It appears they hope their misinformation will lead to a ‘no’ referendum. 

Does that sound like democracy at its best? The most noticeable objection from the NDP beyond fear mongering is a mix of unrelated information that adds nothing to the discussion. Their intent appears to be to end it before credible facts can even be published. The argument that the UCP are spending $7M to communicate this important information to the public ‘pales’ compared to the $86B of debt the NDP left behind. Particularly, when it is relevant to every voter who will find themselves at this vulnerable point some time in life. 

On the federal front, the Bank of Canada recently stated that Canada has entered a ‘mild recession’. Are recessions ever really mild? Certainly not for most Canadians. Or is that just words for saying, “things will be fine – don’t worry – we will do everything we can to make sure ‘you’ don’t spend too much of your own money.” No comment from the PM on this. 

Following this is continued attacks on grocers with threats of another Liberal tax caused by the Liberal Carbon Tax, which would eventually end up coming from the pockets of Canadians. Now – that’s a fact! 

There is no space left here to mention the attack on our food systems by limitations on fertilizers, our meat products, covering our farmland with solar farms and exposure to jeopardizing our electrical supply to name a few.